петак, јун 15


Today we must sew something because is pity not to.
It is not my DIY (will be some day), but its also beautiful and easy project.
I `m going to my house in the country for several days with
my family. We carry swimming pool, tent, lots of things and
to much food (barbecueee). Kids stuff and toys. Like we are
going for two months, not for 5-7 days.
Enjoy without me for a few days...It`s summer!
There is something else in the bottom....Easy summer dress!

Obratite paznju na strelice. Stavila sam ih na mesta koja treba izmeriti
prilikom pravljenja snita za tuniku.

Well, today START my holiday. Seee you

Another, jos jedan easy projekat koji ce, nadam se, zaisti i biti easy, da nam
nece zadavati muke s obzirom kako deluje. Sve ja imam u planu i na spisku.
Nadam se da cu naci savrsen materijal i da cu je sasiti za ovo leto!

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